World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs. TBD [CANCELLED] at Tropicana Field

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Tropicana Field | St Petersburg, Florida

Okay, you have to act FAST on this one, because it is the finest we have presented to you lately! The one and only Tampa Bay Rays are coming to Florida as part of their 2022 tour, and you will really want to be there. If you have ever seen Tampa Bay Rays’s live show, you know to expect something extraordinary. And if you haven’t, well, believe me, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The media is going crazy over it, and we know why – crowds from across the country are getting ready to take by storm Tropicana Field for a night of real spirit exaltedness. Save the date – Friday 4th November 2022 and join this magnificent sports show!

World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs. TBD [CANCELLED] at Tropicana Field

Both teams in this glorious Tampa Bay Rays baseball battle are all geared up and ready to take home victory. Who will it be?! Enjoy this event unfolding LIVE this coming November. Baseball writers are excited to see these lot go head-to-head. Tensions are growing for what seems like is set to be one of the most action packed matches of 2022, full of huge hits and home-runs. Where else would this take place other than the legendary baseball venue; the Tropicana Field?! So bring your buddys, grab a drink, find your seat and support your team!

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