World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs. TBD [CANCELLED] at Tropicana Field

World Series Tickets

Tropicana Field | St Petersburg, Florida

Baseball returns to the St. Petersburg, Florida this fall. Get ready for an incredible sports outing for you and your family. This November, the Tropicana Field becomes home to the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday 5th November 2022. The venue is primed and set for an unforgettable game between two elite baseball teams, who have relentlessly trained and practiced for this critical sports competition. These seasoned pros will conquer the tournament field and get the ball soaring high. Who will strike out? Or who will hit the home run? You can only find out when you witness the Tampa Bay Rays. This spectacular sports event will happen only at the Tropicana Field! So don't miss out on this one! Tickets are now available and if you want to score good seats, your better hurry up!

World Series: Tampa Bay Rays vs. TBD [CANCELLED] at Tropicana Field

This upcoming baseball season is set to be bigger and better in 2022 than any other year! A event like Tampa Bay Rays doesn't come around often. That’s why fans are traveling from up and down the country to come down to St. Petersburgs favorite baseball venue, the Tropicana Field. These two iconic teams have battled it out in the past and showcase a fierce rivalry that results in some of the greatest home-runs you’ll ever see. You will not believe your eyes if you watch this game. All you need to do is pick your tickets now here.

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