Tropicana Field Rules

General rules & regulations

There are also many additional rules to follow when attending a Major League game or event. Keep in mind that any guests who violate these rules can be removed from the venue, or face more serious consequences. Some of the most important rules include:

  • Ensure you sit only in your assigned seats.
  • Don’t enter any restricted areas, including the field.
  • No animals except service animals are permitted.
  • No fan interference, such as throwing objects onto the field or interfering with the game.
  • You must wear clothing and footwear.
  • No smoking or chewing tobacco – this includes e-cigarettes and vapes.
  • No electronic devices such as radios, laptops or tablets, even when used with personal headphones.
  • While you can bring cameras for personal use, taping of the game is prohibited.

For a full list of prohibited items and additional rules, take a look at the security information page on the official Tropicana Field website.

Code of Conduct

  • Avoid derogatory, foul, abusive or obscene language or gestures.
  • Please drink responsibly. Consumption of alcohol by impaired, intoxicated or underage guests will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Clothing considered to be derogatory, indecent, obscene, or offensive in nature and/or that detracts from our family-friendly atmosphere will not be tolerated.
  • Stay off of the playing field and/or any restricted area.
  • Please sit only in your ticketed seat and show your ticket when requested.
  • Please smoke (including e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and chewing tobacco) in designated smoking areas only.
  • Follow staff directions in case of emergency.
  • Throw your litter in the proper trash cans.

Prohibited Items

  • Any hard object that could be used as a projectile
  • Items larger than 16″ x 16″ x 8″ including coolers, bags, purses, electronic devices, etc…
  • Air horns, whistles, or excessively loud devices
  • Weapons including firearms, knives, and chemical sprays larger than ½ ounce
  • Clothing with obscene or derogatory language or gestures
  • Cameras with lenses longer than 12″
  • Objects that can obstruct the view of other fans
  • Drones, radio controlled devices, motor controlled devices
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by the Rays in their sole discretion
  • Animals, except for service animals that are certified by the State of Florida

**Prohibited items will not be stored at the gates or Guest Services of Tropicana Field.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Tropicana Field and vice versa. No alcoholic beverages will be sold to persons under the age of 21. Guests will be required to show proper ID when purchasing alcoholic beverages at Tropicana Field.

Additionally, only two alcoholic beverages are allowed per person, per purchase. The sale of alcohol stops at the end of the seventh inning.

Banners & Signs

Banners, signs, and flags (without flag poles) may be displayed in the stadium, provided that they are baseball-related and do not contain profanity, discriminatory language, indecent images, political statements, or commercial references. They must also be hand-held and may not be hung on any of the outfield walls, over the playing field walls, over existing stadium signage, or held in such a way as to obstruct other guests’ views. Management reserves the right to remove any sign or banner at any time.


Strollers are permitted inside Tropicana Field only if they can be stored beneath a seat during the game. Strollers must be small enough to keep out of walkways and aisles.

If the stroller cannot fit beneath the seat or if it is a non-folding type, it must be checked at Gate 1 Guest Services or under the escalator in the Third Base Food Hall. Please take note that Tampa Bay Rays are not responsible for lost or damaged strollers. Strollers are prohibited on all escalators.


Tropicana Field has a no re-entry policy.

Radios, TVs, & Laptops

Radios and TVs 16″x16″x8″ or smaller are permitted inside the stadium. However, if any of these items interfere with a guest’s enjoyment of the game, the devices must be turned off. The Rays flagship radio station is 620 WDAE and can be received inside Tropicana Field.

Smoking Areas

Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside Tropicana Field, including smokeless cigarettes or any device that mimics the act of smoking such as e-cigarettes and vapes.

Guests are permitted to smoke inside the fenced areas outside the building at Gates 2, 5, 6, and 7; or outside on the ramps at Gates 2, 5 and 6.

However, the smoking of medical marijuana is prohibited anywhere on the Tropicana Field premises, including without limitation the fenced areas of the designated smoking areas as mentioned previously.


Children two years and older must have a ticket to enter Tropicana Field. It is highly recommended that parents with children take advantage of our Tag-a-Kid program at Gate 3 Guest Services. Children will be given wristbands to wear indicating section, row and seat number in case they get lost.

Bear in mind that guests who choose not to adhere to these ground rules may be in violation of stadium/city ordinances and are subject to intervention. It may also lead to denied admission into the stadium, ejection from the stadium and/or arrest.